Emigrants with guided visits to investments

Emigrantes com visitas guiadas a investimentos
The municipal executive held several activities dedicated to the immigrant community, that stand out to visit sports facilities and leisure Aguiarense the county and the party with popular artists and included a horse race. A visit to 4 August was led by the president of the City Council, Alberto Machado, he made known to more than a hundred emigrates ...
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Introducing the Granite Fair

Apresentação da Feira do Granito
The beginning of August marks the opening of the Granite Capital of the World with Fair Granite and the Municipality of Vila Real (days 1 a 3), Feasts of the Village and County (day 3) and the Great Feast of the Emigrant (days 4 and 5). Between the migrant community and our neighbors from other regions of Portugal and Spain, Capital Granite expects to receive more than 50 thousand people who will ...
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County promoted in Paris

Concelho promovido em Paris
The municipality of Sabrosa participated in the "3rd Hall Estate and Tourism - Portugal in Paris" with activities from the day 14 daily 18 May, being to highlight the signing of the Protocol of business collaboration between the municipality and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Portuguese Franco and disclosure of "Sabrosa - Capital Granite". Rela ...
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Executive examined tourist investment

Executivo examinou investimentos turísticos
The executive Little Villa de Aguiar made, a 3 April, a tour by the major investments in the county, namely Tresminas and Alvão, totaling an investment of six million euros, reimbursed by the program ON2 - PROVERE (Programme for the Enhancement of Endogenous Resources). The delegation led by the Mayor, Alberto Machado, which ...
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Granite Fair in August

Feira do Granito em Agosto
The granite industry who work in the municipality of Sabrosa got to know, a 10 February at the Municipal Auditorium, the priorities of the executive for the granite industry through a plan consisting of several programmatic actions. The Fair Granite shall be held in the first week-end of August with the aim of creating more turnover at the fair and ...
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Rural Village and Campsite

Aldeia Rural e Parque de Campismo
This Monday, 6 January, the Mayor of Sabrosa, Alberto Machado, briefed the work Aldeia Rural and Campsite, a tourism project of three million euros investment (2,4 million through the European Community Programme for ON2, and 600 thousand euros sustained by County), in order to create wealth in the region. Alberto Mach ...
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Village and rural campsite costs me € 3m em Little Village de Aguiar

Aldeia rural e parque de campismo custam 3M€ em Vila Pouca de Aguiar
Little Villa de Aguiar, 17 jul (Lusa) -- The tourism project that includes a rural village and campsite, building in Sabrosa up 2015, will cost three million euros, announced today the municipality. The design of the rural village, which will be installed along the dam of Falperra, includes the construction of a dozen lodging properties ( bungalows), restaurant and winery ...
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Tresminas strengthens tourism development

Tresminas reforça valorização turística
An amphitheater will be set up outdoors in Tresminas, flanked by a cultural building and a space of circulation and exhibition on the Roman Mining Complex. Integrated Program for Tourism Enhancement and Landscape Tresminas of which is subsidized by ON2, the work was briefed to 8 July. This assignment, which was attended by the executive, led by Domin ...
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