County promoted in Paris

Concelho promovido em Paris

The municipality of Sabrosa participated in the "3rd Hall Estate and Tourism - Portugal in Paris" with activities from the day 14 daily 18 May, being to highlight the signing of the Protocol of business collaboration between the municipality and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Portuguese Franco and disclosure of "Sabrosa - Capital Granite".

Regarding the cooperation protocol, President of the City Council, Alberto Machado was in contact with several leaders of the Portuguese State in France and with leaders of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Portuguese Franco, who stressed the desire to operationalize the agreement to dispose of 'the local products we have "and also search' bring investments that can enhance our products».

Alberto Machado, Sabrosa had an 'integrated participation' in the Paris Expo in order to internationalize the sector of granite that is what is best structured and aimed at selling granite. In this sense, the mayor and the business sector aguiarenses, who attended in Paris, attended a dinner with 70 businessmen linked to construction, where there was product knowledge and information exchange.

The Granite Capital has made himself known through the thematic exhibitor and product information and local council business, the "Sabrosa - Granite Capital" conference and multiple contacts with entrepreneurs lusodescendentes, among other entrepreneurs. Through several steps, was possible to create bridges linking business and open new doors Marketplace, particularly for Luxembourg. Travel to Paris by an entourage of aguiarenses was operationalized by the newly created Office of Emigrant Support.

Our company was represented at this event through our Armenian president Sousa Gonçalves

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