Signing of the contract for execution of the interpretive center of the park arqueológivo Terva

Assinatura do contrato para execução do centro interpretativo do parque arqueológivo do Terva

Following up the Projecto “Old Mining Complex Upper River Valley Terva - Interpretive Center Bobadela”, the Municipality regarding pharmacy, represented by Mayor, Fernando Campos, signed, last day 27 July, a contract for completion, with the contractor Armenian Gonçalves.

The project, that an investment round of 335 thousand euros and is expected to be completed within ten months, includes the reconstruction of the old rectory Bobadela, and constructing a volume contiguous to the same, with a view to transforming an Interpretive Center that will serve as the gateway to the Valley Archaeological Park Terva. The residence consists of ground floor and one floor, has an interior courtyard and is already in ruins.

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