Emigrants with guided visits to investments

Emigrantes com visitas guiadas a investimentos

The municipal executive held several activities dedicated to the immigrant community, that stand out to visit sports facilities and leisure Aguiarense the county and the party with popular artists and included a horse race.

A visit to 4 August was led by the president of the City Council, Alberto Machado, he made known to more than a hundred emigrants investment that is being conducted at the dam Falperra. The rural village and campsite were extensively analyzed by emigrants, then, participated in a convivial lakeside Alvão. Of the afternoon, the meeting of the executive with emigrants made up in the spa town, where it was made known the Equestrian Center Stones Salgadas. A completion, there was a short walk through the park where not missed visiting the hot springs. À noite, Luis de Camoes square in, the population could enjoy a spectacle of beauties with dancing and lively music. It was then he learned that Carla Teixeira is Miss Capital Granite 2014.

The music was the dominant note of the day 5 August with a big party of the emigrant, also driven by the Radio Club Aguiarense, to attract much public. The popular support was also felt at the Sports Complex which hosted the Horse Racing. À noite, the music came back with a very popular animated camp.

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