At this time, Armenian Gonçalves de Sousa is one of the greatest entrepreneurs in the construction industry in Northern Portugal


In 1987, Armenian Sousa Gonçalves starts activity in individual name in construction. Later, the need to expand their activity and ensure raw material for their works, acquires, in 1996 a granite quarry and starts building a factory, creating the company Granites Corgo, Lda. Recently, integrated construction activity, with the extraction and processing of granite and still selling real estate, thus constituting the current ASG Company – Construction and Granite, Lda. Today, a solid company, qualified to work in the construction sector (being very focused and having a great track record in public work, accredited at level 5 - Works up 2,8 Millions of Euros), draws on its yellow granite quarry, the most popular national and international level and transforms blocks of granite products. This has been the stance of the Company, master cadeia value, Since the raw material, for processing and subsequent application. This position, an entrepreneurial vision and a correct reading of the market over time, has positioned ASG – Construction and Granite, Lda. Companies in the nationally recognized and highly responsive to market.