Company History


In 1987, Armenian Sousa Gonçalves starts activity in individual name in construction, mainly in public works. In 1996, and the need to expand their activity and ensure raw material for their works, Purchase a granite quarry and starts building a factory, through a company created for itself - Granite Corgo, Lda. Company for quotas constituted by members Armenian Sousa Gonçalves - socio majority (share- 189.543,20€) Manuela Rodrigues Paula Gonçalves e Trigo (9.975,96€).

In the year 2011 integrated construction activity, with the extraction and processing of granite, being the current ASG Company created – Construction and Granite, Lda. Company for quotas constituted by members Armenian Sousa Gonçalves - socio majority (share- 294.043,20€) Manuela Rodrigues Paula Gonçalves e Trigo (15.475,96€).

The Company Today, is able to work in the construction sector (being well suited and having a great track record in public work - calcetamento and application tile, being accredited at level 5 - Works up 3,6 Millions of Euros), draws on its yellow granite quarry, the most popular national and international level and transforms blocks of granite products.

Their portfolio of products related with the Natural Stone sector consists of: Packs of Yellow Granite; Processed product: guides, lancis, padieiras and plates, it uses in his works and sells directly to customers. The plant also responds to works by measuring.

Today, a solid company and entrepreneurial vision, members have supported the Company throughout its evolution in investment projects.

The company has always been focusing on best practices of exploitation, the continued technological developments and a sustainable performance.

The posture of the Company has been, master cadeia value, Since the raw material, for processing and subsequent application. This attitude and an entrepreneurial vision and a correct reading of the market over the long, has positioned ASG – Construction and Granite Companies in nationally recognized technology and responsiveness to market.

Being its main market, the national, regional concentration, the Company has sought to extend this framework and notes from 2008 export to Spain, Granite mainly in application and Luxembourg, blocks and work as. Exports represent about 12% Turnover of the Company, being the same perspetivar to a strategy that can contribute to a moderate increase and appropriate to the capabilities of the same, the order of 5%.

With 65 workers and inserted in a region where the Natural Stone Sector, is of major employers, and where rates low employability são, Company turns out to have an additional responsibility on the competitiveness of the Region.

An internal company analysis leads to consider their main strengths and weaknesses, understanding that the first shall be subject to an enhanced and that the latter are opportunities for improvement, aimed at further growth and consolidation of the company.

The Company identifies as strengths of their activity, The following:

  • The evolution of the company and its quarry technologically and correct planning of mining, led to a sustainable management of extractive activity;
  • The domain of almost the entire value chain, extraction, transformation and application, allowing you an effective and efficient response and works for sale direct to customers;
  • Environmental and social concerns are a constant in the company and are part of their priorities in terms of the relationship between industry and local region;
  • Gives importance to Associations as capital gain from the merger of Know-How;
  • Long-term relationship with the Technological Centre of Natural Stone, in the form of technical and technological support and transfer of knowledge resulting from the activities I&DT;
  • Good technological petrechamento factory and quarry
  • Good institutional relationship and a good image among the funders, having received the applause Customer Award - Millennium BCP, Santander Totta, CGD;
  • Team of employees with long experience;
  • Concern to integrate in the team qualified staff for all activities of the Company.