Granite Fair in August

Feira do Granito em Agosto

The granite industry who work in the municipality of Sabrosa got to know, a 10 February at the Municipal Auditorium, the priorities of the executive for the granite industry through a plan consisting of several programmatic actions.

The Fair Granite shall be held in the first week-end of August with the aim of creating more turnover at the fair and meet the emigrant community. The president of the City Council, Alberto Machado launched the invitation to business owners in order to be fair and market granite.

The Fair Granite (em which junho realizava) vai pour out 1 a 3 August and, on the eve, begin to be promoted with a concert PontidoBand a quarry. The fair will include various activities such as sculptures and blocks of local granite for county seat, among other innovations.

Aiming to clarify the industrial, Councilman Duarte Marques expounded other programmatic actions, namely the Technological Center of Granite that the municipality intends to create to promote technological innovation, laboratory testing, training and dissemination of technological innovations. The Center may receive a Community application and its installation is planned in the Village Business Park Little Aguiar.

A plan for the extractive zones, the inventory of geological, support the marketing of granite and brand awareness "Granite Capital" are programmed actions to monetize industry in the municipality of Vila Real.

ASG – Construction & Granitos LDA, will be present at this Granite Fair, visite-nos

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