Fairground Bragança

Recinto da Feira de Bragança

Was signed, on 18 October, the contract between the City of Bragança and the company responsible for the contract to build the “Fairground Bragança - Door of Route Cold Land of Bragança”.
The project, involving a total investment of 1.113.439,29 euros, provides for adjusting ¬ tion of the space that was occupied by the Hunter Battalion No. 3, the demolition of the dilapidated building and recovery of property (still in a state of minimum retention), for the installation of public toilets, a space for reception and secretarial and three broad areas for exhibitions and other activities.

Apart from performing at the fair, space may be used for other activities and events with special needs in terms of space. Boss-is that, decades, have sought to find a local installation of the final Friday, with appropriate conditions, good accessibility and urban centrality. There are about 40 year old, the fair was realized at site of Old Guimaraes, City center today. Was, after, precariously moved to the area contiguous to the Avenida General Humberto Delgado, later for the surrounding Municipal Stadium (Eng Estádio José Luís Pinheiro), being that, at the beginning of the XXI century, initiates a return to a Contiguous zone à Avenida General Humberto Delgado, now with better conditions for citizens and merchants, gaining, now, a noble space, along the current City Market and Fair Land Products, with a prime location.

With an area of 13.000 m2, the new enclosure will allow Alber gar ¬, in excellent condition, the approximately 130 vendors who set up their own sales outlets in the space currently used for holding the fair, in imperfect conditions, occupying a total of about 6.000 m2.

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