Extraction Granites

The exploitation and processing of granite has much importance to socio-economic development of the municipality of Sabrosa which have been highlighted significantly interesting numbers, in the year 2004 that had previously 5000 direct and indirect jobs around the granite market, this county are explored three variants of granite, Granite Stone Salgadas, the granite of the Sierra Falperra (Here is the quarry of ASG), under the tradename Real Yellow, and granite Telões.

In general, the rocks are natural resources of great importance and value to the construction, where the operation of extracting and processing granite, is a complex activity, with a certain degree of difficulty, where all the steps to obtain the final product, Detailed be, so that the final product is in the consumer liking (customer). After extraction in Sierra, do bloco (Compact and rock solid) our trucks will be transported to our factory where the pieces after being sawn (the machine processing) to the thickness desired by the customer will be necessary to give it a finish. Within this field there are many types of finishing (serrated, polished, I amaciado, Brushed, sanded blasted, flamegado escassilhado).

The new access roads provide a unique opportunity to cement this region as the most important national producer of ornamental granite and enhance the level of processing of raw materials. Future developments will certainly dictate that some companies will not be able to continue to labor, but those who know the correct steps to produce more and better.