Tresminas strengthens tourism development

Tresminas reforça valorização turística

An amphitheater will be set up outdoors in Tresminas, flanked by a cultural building and a space of circulation and exhibition on the Roman Mining Complex. Integrated Program for Tourism Enhancement and Landscape Tresminas of which is subsidized by ON2, the work was briefed to 8 July.

This assignment, which was attended by the executive, led by Domingos Dias, the motorcade was on the ground to verify the project and the work plan for the second pole of the Interpretive Center Tresminas, situated next to the Romanesque church of Tresminas.

The new infrastructure, which will be erected on the east of that religious temple, will allow the recreation of cultural events in pleasant conditions for hikers groups moving to the town of Tresminas, and that are valued natural components, green shale and the existing.

A giant, awarded by the ASG € 447.670.21 - Construction and Granite, Lda., lasts three hundred days, at the premiere should be in the next summer season. Alongside this work, and in the framework of the Community application for tourism development and landscape, will also be applied about half a million euros in the implementation of various immaterial actions, particular exhibition route, themed festival and outreach materials Roman Mining Complex.

Being the complex Tresminas one of the most important sets of mining archeology of the Roman era, was probably during the reign of Augustus (27 a.C.-14 d.C.) which began its systematic exploration, and lasted until the second half of the second century AD, at the time of Septimius Severus (193-211 d.C.).

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